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News Archive : 2005

Please be aware that the news items listed below link to 3rd party websites and phaseFour cannot guarantee that these links will remain functional. Also, if you want to read in more detail about a certain news or event, contact in this way you will be able to cover a larger field that the news portal represents.

  Oh, Has Uncle Sam Got Mail (Dec 05)
As Digital Documents Pile Up, The National Archives Worries
About Technical Obsolescence.

   The 100-year archive dilemma (Dec 05)
A record is a record, whether it’s a sheet of paper, an email, an electronic document or a digital image.

   Microsoft bows to Mass. with open records format (Dec 05)
A Microsoft Corp. executive said yesterday that his company's new office software will comply with a disputed Massachusetts government mandate requiring the use of ''open" data formats.

   Elsevier MDL Introduces MDL Notebook For Scientists (Dec 05)
Elsevier MDL’s latest Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) offers simplified R&D tasks and integrated workflow apart from translating scientists' data into corporate-wide asset.

   Information On Demand - This is how to make information work for your business, according to IBM (Dec 05)
After people, information is perhaps the most valuable asset within an enterprise and one that requires thoughtful management to truly realize its worth.

   ISO 19005, Document management (Oct 05)
Electronic document file format for long-term preservation – Part 1, Use of PDF 1.4 (PDF/A-1), enables organizations to archive documents electronically in a way that will ensure the preservation of content and visual appearance over an extended period of time.

   Rescentris and Amphora Research Systems Team Up to Deliver Electronic Lab Notebook Solution to Pharmaceutical Client (Oct 05)
Rescentris Ltd. announced today the deployment of a complete electronic lab notebook and patent records solution for a pharmaceutical customer. This integrated product, which is now generally available, combines the Collaborative Electronic Research Framework(TM) (CERF-Notebook) from Rescentris with the PatentSafe(R) product of Amphora Research Systems to provide a turnkey solution for electronic lab notebooks and patent records management.

   Partnership promises tight food lab security (Oct 05)
A new partnership offering enhanced data protection and security should help firms meet stringent FDA requirements. Under the deal, EKM is now a certified reseller of Surety's digital notarization software, which is sold as a model within EKM's LABTrack Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN).

   Massachusetts to adopt 'open' desktop (Sep 05)
The commonwealth of Massachusetts has proposed a plan to phase out office productivity applications from Microsoft and other providers in favour of those based on "open" standards, including the recently approved OpenDocument standard.

   New CERF-Notebook 2.4 Xserve Edition Released (Sep 05)
The collaborative electronic research framework (CERF) is a server-based information system capable of managing research documents as well as providing a full-featured electronic lab notebook that makes laboratory records and data readily available throughout research and development organizations.

   Archive With Care (Jun 05)
Recording research data electronically sounds like a good idea; but, Peter Rees asks, can you produce that information in court 50 years later?

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