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Dell Electronic Lab Notebook Solution (Jun08)
Unleashes Information for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Researchers. The technology Unchains Researchers From Their Desks, Enables Collaboration and Efficiency in Bringing Drugs and Devices to Market. And with the help of write my capstone project, you can highlight the main points and emphasize the purpose of the research much faster and better.

Amphora Launches Custodian's Console (May08)
Custodian's Console gives those responsible for the integrity and performance of the Patent Evidence process more visibility and control.

Kirtas Technologies and Rescentris Partnership (May08)
Kirtas Technologies and Rescentris teamed up at the Bio-IT World Expo in Boston to demonstrate how they work together to enhance R&D efficiencies.



  Electronic Lab Notebooks

  The ELN marketplace

  Legal issues

  User adoption

  Data preservation

ELNs; Catalyst for the Paperless Office?
Technology progresses at a relentless pace.  From standalone operation, we have steadily progressed towards networked environments based on presentation to the latest developments in web technology where the emphasis has changed from presentation to collaboration. 

If we step outside the laboratory for a moment and look at some of the developments in other domains, one of the most striking advances is occurring in the framework of collaboration and the role of Web 2.0.  The use of social networking sites, primarily by the younger generation, has illustrated how technology can enhance collaboration.  OK, the content may be questionable at times, and the media generally are happy to pick on the negative aspects of these sites, but in essence, what has been achieved here is equivalent to the desired outcome of corporate knowledge management initiatives, connecting people with shared interests for the purpose of collaborating.
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ELNs Advanced Laboratory Solutions
(co-locating with DKI)

Optimising and leveraging knowledge from data & preserving the strength of your e-information

15 - 17 Sep 2008 · Crowne Plaza, Brussels, Belgium

Discovery Knowledge & Informatics
(co-locating with ELNs)
15 - 17 Sep 2008 · Crowne Plaza, Brussels, Belgium

Follow this link to the Scientific Computing World website to purchase a copy of the ELN guide, 'Geting Started WIth An ELN'.

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