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News Archive : Jan - Mar

Applied Knowledge Management is a very difficult field for both searching for materials and checking them for truthfulness, so you should refer only to the source base in which you can be sure, for example, Please be aware that the news items listed below link to 3rd party websites and phaseFour cannot guarantee that these links will remain functional.

   2020 Computing: Science in an exponential world (Mar 06)
The amount of scientific data is doubling every year. Alexander Szalay and Jim Gray analyse how scientific methods are evolving from paper notebooks to huge online databases.

   Array BioPharma Enhances Patent Evidence and Intellectual Property Coverage (Mar 06)
Array BioPharma has implemented the PatentSafe® application from Amphora Research Systems, a recognised leader in Electronic Laboratory Notebook solutions, to better support the research activities of 200 scientists.

   Major gaps in management of digital assets (Mar 06)
A 'state of the nation' report has revealed that less than 20% of UK organisations surveyed have a strategy in place to deal with the risk of loss or degradation to their digital resources

   Oasis to push OpenDocument adoption (Mar 06)
OASIS is developing the Open Document Format for Office Applications, also known as OpenDocument, as an XML file format. Files using the format can be opened by any application that supports OpenDocument

   Electronic Discovery: When Data Retention Is a Bad Idea (Mar 06)
Regulatory measures are forcing companies to store heaps of sensitive data that could be exploited by the bad guys.

   Without a trace (Mar 06)
Documents can reveal supposedly deleted data, but fortunately there are ways to make sure that secrets stay secret.

   Documented proof (Feb 06)
If the paper document really is about to go the way of the dodo, organisations need to prioritise managing, controlling and archiving their electronic documents.

   Rescentris Releases Version 2.5 of its Semantic Notebook (Feb 06)
Rescentris, a provider of electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) software for biology and multi-disciplinary life sciences, has announced the availability of CERF 2.5 and the CERF Development Kit (CERF-DK) to help life sciences organizations better manage their research information.

   EKM Corporation Signs Teaming Agreement with SAIC (Jan 06)
EKM Corporation, an award-winning Knowledge Management firm and a leader in Electronic Laboratory Notebooks, has teamed with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a world leader in providing outsourcing and IT services. This teaming agreement matches a leading lab notebook vendor with an expert in global rollout support.

   Microsoft's file system patent upheld (Jan 06)
Two patents covering one of Microsoft's main Windows file-storage systems are valid after all, federal patent examiners have decided.

   Ensuring Compliant Electronic Business Records (Jan 06)
Silanis Technology has released a new whitepaper through its online resource center. Entitled “Compliance for Electronic Documents and Signatures”, the whitepaper provides an overview of the types of documents, processes and business activities that are affected by compliance requirements when substituting paper-based, document signing processes with an electronic equivalent.


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